Balloons Over St. Louis
  995 Stonecastle Drive
  St. Paul, MO 63366

Flight Information

Early Mornings & Late Afternoons
Balloon flights in the Midwest are conducted twice each day - at sunrise or two hours prior to sunset. At these times of the day, the winds are generally safest for a balloon flight.

We fly year round, twice a day, weather permitting

You need to plan on being with us at least 2-1/2 to 3 hours from the initial meeting at our launch site, time for us to inflate the balloon, a 1 hour flight, and time for us to pack up the balloon and equipment, and travel time to return you to your launch site.

We generally fly within a 50 mile radius of the St. Louis area.

We customize our flights to fit our clients needs when possible.

All our flights are operated under FAA rules and regulations which include safe weather conditions.

Deflating the balloon at the end of
a beautiful morning flight. |